What Should I Look for in An Awning Professional?

What Should I Look for in An Awning Professional?

February 14, 2019

There’s no better way to beat the hot southern sun than with awnings. And with an average of 228 sunny days per year, people living in and around Austin really need to get some awnings installed so they can get out of the heat and enjoy the day more.

If you’re researching window awning installation in Austin, TX, you’ll want to make sure you have the best professionals to help you with your investment for your home. With so many choices out there, how can you ensure you hire the right company? Read on for some tips:

  • Talk to people: When you’re searching for an awning company, the best place to start is with friends and family. Talk to those in your community who have awnings and find out where they went to get them. You might even want to take some photos of the awnings you like the most so you can use them in a future design discussion once you’ve settled on a company.
  • Do your research: If you start with a list of company names from your loved ones and neighbors, you can then start to narrow down that list by doing a lot of research. Hop online and read reviews people have posted on sites like Yelp and Google to see if the service is consistent in quality. Beware, though, of fake positive reviews. You can usually spot these by how over-the-top the language is, and if you see very similar reviews popping up, all with five stars.
  • Get some quotes: You now have only a handful of options left. At this point, it’s time to visit the few awning companies you’ve reached through your research. When you meet with the professionals, make sure to look at a photographic portfolio of their work and ask them some pointed and specific questions about their services, prices and any satisfaction guarantees. You can also ask for a quote on the service you’re looking into to make sure it fits your budget.
  • View the showroom: Most awning companies will have a showroom for you to browse. Take a close look at their products and see if the quality looks good and the design and materials are tasteful. This should give you a good idea of whether you’ll like the finished product or not.

It can be a lengthy process to find the best company for window awning installation in Austin, TX, but you’ll come through it knowing you chose right for your home. Surely, if you do your research, you will discover that Hill Country Awnings & Shades of Texas is a top option in the area. For over 30 years, we have provided many Texans with the best shade products available, from power screens and rolling shutters to drop curtains and Texas eclipse solar screens.

Hill Country Awnings & Shades of Texas offers free estimates and quick installation services, which is one of the reasons we have such a long history in the area. Call today to learn more about our services and get a free estimate!

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