Frequently Asked Questions About Retractable Awning Installation in Austin, TX

Frequently Asked Questions About Retractable Awning Installation in Austin, TX

November 12, 2018

If you’re interested in investing in retractable awning installation in Austin, TX, you might be in need of some more information to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Below, we’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our retractable awnings, as well as some information you may find helpful to answer them.

Q: What is a retractable awning?

Retractable awnings are also occasionally referred to as lateral or telescopic arm awnings. These are awnings that have arms powered by gas or springs to keep the awning fabric tense as it rolls from the drive tube. This is a unique type of awning, because you can extend it out as needed, which makes it highly versatile.

Q: What are the benefits of retractable awnings?

The biggest benefit associated with retractable awnings is their versatility. Consider this: almost half of the unwanted heat that you get in your house manages to seep in through the windows. Both the exterior and interior shades are capable of controlling the heat that comes in, to a certain extent. However, exterior-mounted awnings provide much more shade, which does a lot more to prevent the heat buildup that comes through windows. Retractable awnings provide even more effectiveness, because they’re better at blocking the sunlight and are adjustable to a variety of lengths and angles.

Q: Can installation be done without professional assistance?

Yes, you can install the retractable awning yourself, so long as you’re willing to spend the time to do it right and have a basic knowledge of carpentry and construction. Of course, you can always hire a handyman or, even better, a professional awning installer to come in and get the job done for you.

Generally, you’ll be able to get some advice from the awning manufacturer about suggested heights and other installation issues, so if you do plan to get the job done yourself, make sure you arm yourself with as much information as possible to ensure you get the job done correctly.

Q: Will retractable awnings hold up to the elements?

Most retractable awnings are specifically designed to provide some level of protection from the elements. They’ll block a good amount of the sun, and usually can stand up to winds that blow anywhere from 15 to 40 miles per hour. If it’s going to be particularly windy, you can always retract the awning so you can be more comfortable about it staying in place. Light rain also isn’t a problem, so long as the pitch provides enough water runoff, but if the precipitation is going to be heavy, it’s probably a good idea to retract the awning.

Q: Will the awning do any damage to my wall?

When the awning is extended, it does exert a good amount of force at the wall connection point. As long as the building is up to code, though, that should not be an issue you need to worry about.

For more information about retractable awning installation in Austin, TX, contact Hill Country Awnings & Shades of Texas today.

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