Why Awning Installation in Austin, TX Is Still Worth It in Cooler Weather

Why Awning Installation in Austin, TX Is Still Worth It in Cooler Weather

October 9, 2018

Now that fall has arrived and winter is coming up, you might have transitioned most of your free time indoors to escape cooler temperatures and heavy precipitation. With the weather becoming a little less favorable, spending time on your patio may not be on your mind. However, installing an awning on your patio can be a great choice for the winter months. There are a number of reasons why awning installation in Austin, TX is a great idea, even though the weather outside may not seem ideal:

  • Enjoy nature while staying cozy: Just because it’s wintertime doesn’t mean you have to miss out on enjoying nature. Listening to the sound of rain and admiring your outdoor space can be a great way to spend your time, and having an awning gives you the freedom to do just that. You can stay dry, take a seat and wrap yourself in warm clothes or a blanket to enjoy the outdoors without the discomfort of getting rained on.
  • Give yourself more room to entertain: If you enjoy having friends and family over, you want to have plenty of space to entertain. With an awning, you can seat your guests outside or even do some grilling without fear of getting soaked. To make your outdoor space even more inviting, add a couple of space heaters or spotlights to warm up your space and keep your guests comfortable, regardless of what temperatures are like outside.
  • Relax and get some fresh air: Lots of people start to feel restless during the winter months because of all the time they’re spending inside. Even a few minutes of time outside can help boost your mood and cure your cabin fever. If you have space heaters or spotlights under your awning, you can spend hours outside taking in the fresh air and relaxing without feeling like you’re stuck indoors all day.
  • Protect your patio: One of the best things about having an awning over your patio is the fact that it can protect your outdoor space from the elements. If you have a wood patio, an awning can prevent UV damage during the summer months and reduce weathering from precipitation in the fall and winter. An awning can also keep away debris and leaves that fall from trees and blow around during fall and winter windstorms. The better protected your awning is during the winter months, the easier it will be to clean up and maintain in the spring and summer.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of awning installation in Austin, TX, reach out to Hill Country Awnings & Shades of Texas. For decades, we have proudly provided awning and shade manufacturing and installation to homes and businesses throughout the Austin area. After so many years in the community, we have developed an outstanding reputation for the quality of our work and our professional, friendly customer service. Please give us a call today to find out more and get started.

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