Somfy Electronics

SOMFY motors and controls make moving your awnings, rolling screens, window treatments and other roll up applications convenient and virtually effortless. The latest technologies allow motorization and sensors to be easily added and controlled, even with remote technology. Several options are available, you can even motorize your products by simply plugging it into a wall socket. 

Somfy products are approved by Underwriters Laboratory and are one of the best in their industry.

In addition to the motorization, there are sensors available to completely control the awning for you.  These sensors can be purchased separately, or as a package.  A time interval in each sensor prevents baby care tips system from overuse.   Both sensors can be adjusted to your preferences, and the sun sensor can be turned off to override settings.  Sensors ensure that you get maximum use out of your system, saving you even more on energy cost.  Thus, making your system pay for itself even faster.  Each sensor can control multiple units, ask us for details.

-The sun sensor will automatically tell your shade product when it is time to roll-out for protection or time to roll-up when it is no longer needed.

-The wind sensor will automatically detect when it is too windy to use your product.  The sensor will tell your shade product to roll-up until it is safe for it to roll-down again.fake watch


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